Friday, February 6, 2009

Garden 2009

We planted our 2009 garden this week as a family. Even Evelyn watched happily from the sidelines. It doesn't look like much now, but we'll post the progress of our little seeds! This year's garden includes strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers, basil, parsley, yellow squash, zucchini, lettuce, sunflowers, and a host of herbs (in the pots on the trellis). Last year Max dug up our first planting, so this year the bed will be encircled by chicken wire. We'll see who wins... : )

Daddy's Girl

Here's Ev in her Sunday dress after the blessing of her newest cousin, Luke Austin Prusse. I wish we had some photos of him! (Heather - please post some on your blog!!! :-) Yes, Evelyn loves her dad - and has his brown eyes, too. :-)

Baby Bjorn - Yummy!

Evelyn loves being strapped to me or Danny either in her sling or the Baby Bjorn (front facing carrier). She thinks this one came with a built-in sucking bar and is perfectly content to gum it to death every time we go on a walk with Max. I started wondering recently what will happen to it when she gets teeth???

First Road Trip - LA!

Danny & I took Evelyn on her first road trip mid-January. Danny needed to attend an IB training seminar at a hotel near the LAX airport, so we joined him for a long weekend. Evelyn isn't a fan of her car seat, but was a good sport during the six hour ride. We stopped a few times to walk around and let her get some air. :-)

We took her to Manhattan Beach for her first experience with the ocean. We parked the car and started walking down to the beach and she started laughing out loud. Until then she hadn't really laughed before, so I think she likes the beach! After laughing, she promptly spit up. :-) She had a ball playing in the sand with her toes -- a new feeling! We had a great time and took her later to the Getty Museum for some culture. What a beautiful building (not to mention the famous art pieces)! Ev slept through most of the art in her sling, but the other guests said she looked like the angelic babies in the paintings. :-)

On Sunday after church with the Tongan ward (it was at the time we needed), we drove down to Oceanside to enjoy a gourmet feast prepared by Grandma Barbara. It was delicious! Evelyn was adored by her MacDonald cousins there, too.

Monkey PJ's

These are our favorite PJ's. Can you tell? Ev went from not smiling to constantly smiling in a matter of a few days. She's waiting here for her favorite activity of the day -- bath-time!

We Love Cousins!

Evelyn isn't sure whether to be in love with or scared of her beautiful Votaw cousins. She is at least totally fascinated by the circus that continually swirls around them. They each eagerly wait their turn to hold her - "gently". :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Pictures - 12.19.08

Our friend, Dani Wheeler, was kind enough to do a family photo shoot for us in December. Evelyn was pretty tired and wouldn't offer any smiles to the camera, but she's gorgeous even with a serious face...