Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Model UN Trip to London

Danny took his Model United Nations students to London in March. They competed at the Haileybury College conference just outside of London, but got to spend a few days in the city sightseeing as well. We'd planned to take our kids, but decided that Micah had been sick enough times in his first four months and that we'd better take them another year. Ev, Micah and I took lots of fieldtrips with our Votaw cousins here in AZ instead - and missed Danny a whole lot.

Heels and Phones

She loves high heels and telephones -- and is growing up way too fast for me.

Happy Baby

Here's some more cute photos of Micah (since grandma is always asking for them).


Isn't that the word that comes to mind when you see these darlings?

My Little Sous Chef (it's french...)

Evelyn has been such a big helper in the kitchen lately. Her special skill right now is stirring (and then tasting).

Dad, Mom or Evie?

Who does Micah look most like? Dad, mom or Evie?

First Piggie Painting

Evelyn got her first piggies painted in March. She was very proud of her "girliness". Have you ever seen such cute legs as in the first photo?

Mesa Fine Arts Center

Danny took the kids to the Mesa Fine Arts center a few weeks ago for a few photos while they were waiting for me to finish at the temple. I've never seen such fine art as this!

Farewell & Good Luck to Kade, Amber & Mason

We waved goodbye to McKade, Amber and Mason in early March as they left for a new life in Denver. McKade will be opening the Denver market for the blind installation company who he has worked for for some time. (And we of course had to have a family meal to send them off...) We'll miss them!

Grandpa Chuck's 80th Birthday Party

Grandpa Charles turned 80 this year and we celebrated with a party near his home in Oceanside. Evelyn got to fly over and back with grandpa and grandma - lucky girl. The rest of us drove. We were especially happy for the chance to meet up with cousins who we don't often get to see.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Heading to Harvard

We received exciting news last week when we learned that Danny had been accepted to the School Leadership M.Ed. program at Harvard. It was even more exciting when the assistant dean called him the following day to offer a full tuition scholarship as one of 14 Urban Education Scholars. As part of the program, Danny will complete an internship as an administrator in a public school in Boston and will receive a principal's certificate. We will be moving to Boston in August and will complete the program by the end of May of next year. We are already looking forward to lots of visitors. You can check out the program here

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ev's pediatrician says that climbing is part of her current stage of development. She's taking full advantage of it.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was sunny and 75* here in Gilbert. We love this weather!

Garden 2010

Evelyn helped Dad plant the garden on Feb. 13. Danny said that the plants may not come up in rows this year, but may instead be more of an artful arrangement. We're glad she enjoys getting a little (or a lot) dirty.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Cute Kids

These are just too cute not to share.... (No babies were harmed in the production.)

The Vinyl Mat

Here Evelyn is making sure Micah gets as much time on the dreaded vinyl mat as she did. A friend of mine is a huge proponent of giving babies tummy time - especially on slippery surfaces so they can build their core and crawling muscles - aiding in both physical and mental development.

Micah's Blessing - Feb 7

Micah Mathew was blessed on February 7th. Danny gave him a beautiful blessing, praying that Micah would "do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God", just as the prophet Micah told the people of his time to do. We already feel blessed to have this special little spirit join our home and family.