Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easter Weekend in Pinetop

We enjoyed a gorgeous Easter weekend with family in Pinetop, AZ. Grandma Terri challenged us to an egg-drop contest. Each of the kids (or should I say their competetive parents) designed a contraption to encase their raw egg. They were then dropped from the balcony of the cabin. Who else could have won but the most competetive member of the family??? - the Danny/Evelyn team. I believe the quote from Danny was that "we could have dropped it from the moon and it still wouldn't break" in their egg holder. The weekend also included beautiful General Conference sessions Saturday and Sunday, egg dying, a candy/money egg hunt, a family picture, celebrating Mason's birthday, getting in trouble with the neighbors because of the campfire, and as with all our family gatherings -- way too much food.

The Big Kahuna

My little man, Micah, has been growing. At his 4 month check-up, he weighed in at more than 16 pounds. He skipped all of his clothing that was between 6 and 12 month sizes. I'm now buying 18 month clothes for my healthy little guy. I'm absolutely sure he'll pass Evelyn in weight within the next year. Thank goodness she'll have a big "little" brother to look out for her.

My Personal Assistant

Who needs a personal assistant when I have Evelyn? She has been more into coloring lately, and I have to be nervous if she's playing too quietly in another room. I've been surprised a few times in the past month with her body-art from some highlighter or other writing instrument that was left out too low. She's gotten so tall (and smart) that she can access every drawer in the house. We've had to be creative in moving a few things to higher ground.

Swedish Waffle Night

Thanks to the friends and family who came to our annual party in March celebrating my Swedish heritage - Swedish Waffle Night! Danny and I spent so much time chatting with family, friends and neighbors that Evelyn had free reign over the Swedish cookies table. I can't believe she didn't get sick after all she ate.... She is our little social butterfly and was overjoyed at having a crowd in our backyard. Micah was happy being passed between his Grandmas all evening.