Thursday, September 23, 2010

New - Home Sweet Home

Here's our humble abode in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath approx. 1000 square foot two story townhouse. It's very close to the Harvard campus and our complex seems to have a number of families with kids. YAY! Our backyard is shared with a dozen other homes and came with a ton of shared toys. We've confirmed that this house was built at least before 1950 and most everything around here is much older than that. The house has mostly hardwood flooring and every step creaks. The walls look like they've been painted at least a hundred times. My legs are still getting used to climbing the stairs to the bedrooms and bathroom many, many times each day. That said, the house is very cute, and has a great deal of charm. The city is incredibly compact and pedestrian-friendly. Driving is a challenge because the roads criss-cross every which way, change names frequently and have stoplights every few hundred feet. Thank goodness for our Garmin!

We made good use of the SUV my parents rented while they were here to collect the necessities of furniture (a couch, kitchen table, rocker, and a few dressers). We relied heavily on craigslist, a furniture exchange and Target to outfit our new place. Afterall, we'll only be here one year.

Gilbert Temple Site

Our stake presidency encouraged us to take a family photo on the site of the soon-to-be Gilbert Temple. We are SO excited to have a temple in Gilbert and feel like it will be special because it will be our very own!!!

Beach Trip, CA

I had been craving a trip to the beach for months, and we decided that since we had two weeks between moving out of our house and moving to Boston, that we'd take a quick trip to California. Grandma and Grandpa Greer (my grandparents) let us stay in their beautiful home in Oceanside. Thank you! The Votaws were camping that week at Dana Point, so we met up with them to play in the sand. Micah only wanted to eat the sand and Evelyn just wanted to eat the Votaw's snacks. (The cheetos were "all natural" from Trader Joe's of course...) The Votaws also let us tag along when they went sailing on their Uncle Bill's boat. Kelly got seasick, but Ev got a hold of a ring-pop and enjoyed the voyage very much. The whole trip was a much needed break from life, and we had a ball.

Farewell Party at the Allens'

Grandma and Grandpa Allen held a goodbye party for us before we left with plenty of good food as always. Evelyn even gave her cousin, Luke, a big hug - right before she pushed him down on the ground. We were happy to see everyone one more time. Aunt Rebecca brought someone special...

Grandma & Grandpa Greer's House

We spent some time at my mom and dad's house before leaving for Boston. They rolled out the red carpet for us and were very kind about the tornado our kids usually leave in their path. One of the photos is of Evelyn with one of her favorite foods that she calls "britos" (aka. burritos). Micah was also going through a cute phase where his smiles looked kind of scary. He still now laughs through his nose with rapid breaths. It sounds kind of like a dog panting, and Evelyn likes to mimic the noise when she hears it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Who needs toys when you have moving boxes? The kids had all kinds of interesting objects to play with as we sorted through and packed up our whole house preparing for our move to Boston. I include the photos of our house for memory's sake, but they don't show every closet, drawer, cupboard and storage area that I organized, packed and cleaned. It was a horrible lot of work, and I really thought it would never end. We'll miss our house, but feel grateful to have found renters. We spent about two weeks at my parents' home and then on August 3, Danny and his brother, Nathaniel, drove the Civic packed to the ceiling with house stuff across the country. They said that they had so much fun talking that they decided not to stop and sleep. Forty two hours later, they arrived in Boston. I'm so grateful for Nathaniel - and for Danny - for making the trip. Evelyn, Micah and I were personally escorted by both my parents via US Airways on August 5 with a significantly shorter travel time. Thanks to Mom's US Airways connections, we took 20 big boxes of more home stuff and clothing on the plane. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

To Max - wherever you are...

My little brother will appreciate this tribute to our dog, but if you're not an animal lover, you might want to skip this post.

It took me several trips to the pound to find Max back in April 2007, and since that time I've invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears into our relationship. He was a great companion when we didn't have any babies around and then provided unending entertainment when we did have our babies. We spent plenty of time feeding, watering, giving haircuts, treating his grass allergies, going for walks and trying to keep him from eating other dogs. None of his squeaky toys lasted longer than 5 minutes before they were torn to bits, and he always threw up on the rug instead of the tile. He was perfectly patient with our babies and was an all-around beautiful dog.

Our new home in Boston didn't allow pets, so we tried everyone we knew to find him a temporary home. In the end, we had to send him down the river (literally). We had a garage sale just before we moved, and he went home with a family that was headed back to their home in Sinaloa, Mexico. It was altogether traumatic for me since we'll never see him again and have no way of knowing how he's doing. I was under an enormous amount of moving stress and losing Max was the last straw. I cried for a few days and still am sad when I think about him. I told Danny that it may be necessary for us to move again, but I will NOT be giving away any more dogs. Evelyn still says with a very serious face, "Max went buh-bye". MAX -- we miss you!