Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Parties

I found out late that at our ward's Toddler Time on Monday, the kids were supposed to dress-up and didn't have Ev & Micah's costumes ready, so I did my good-old-stand-by Halloween costume idea that I'll probably use 'till the day I die - M&M's.  They, of course, ripped off their M's a few minutes after we arrived...

At the ward Halloween party on Friday night, they were supposed to be Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  Grandma Terri made Evelyn's red cape and sent it across the country to us.  The only problem was that Evelyn absolutely refused to wear the cape, and no amount of our coaxing, psychological manipulation, or peer pressure would make her change her mind.  So - we brought a cute little girl and a wolf to the party. ;

Maybe it was because of all the strange costumes, but Evelyn was not in a smiling mood at the party.  She was totally straight-faced until she got a hold of some candy.  She then turned to me and with a scary, zombie-like smile exclaimed, "YUMMY CANDY!!!".  Her dad let her eat a red-velvet cake treat, and after that, I think she could have said she was a "little girl hit by a car" for Halloween.

We had a great time.  Evelyn "bobbed" for donuts, went fishing, and closely investigated the scare-crow.  Micah played in the hay.

First Haircut

Okay, so I've cut Micah's hair before, but really just little snips.  This was the first major haircut, and I took some before and after photos.  It was a little crazy cutting his hair by myself while he and Evelyn romped around the bathroom, but I think it looks okay...???  I'm still feeling guilty about cutting his beautiful hair off, but have been having flashbacks to Evelyn's famous mullet the past few weeks and thought it was time.

Happy Number 2, Evelyn!

Evelyn turned two on Thursday.  Happy Birthday!  We received several gifts by mail from our family and friends in the days leading up to her birthday, and the last word on her lips Wednesday night when I put her to bed was, "Open...".  I'm glad she's finally old enough to get excited about gifts!

Thanks to everyone who made her birthday special.  She raked in the clothes and insisted on wearing one of the outfits that day (a turtleneck shirt and corduroy dress with tights), even though the weather was unusually warm and sunny. ; )

Danny made it a very special occasion by taking the day off from his school administrative internship.  Evelyn opened gifts, played in her new tent/tunnel, skyped with grandparents, ate cheese, made homemade pizza and an ice cream cake (her most requested foods), played outside, and together we relished the most relaxing, happy, beautiful day we've had in many months.  I felt like it was MY birthday!

I think one of her favorite parts of the day was blowing out her candles.  She asked me to re-light them several times so she could keep blowing them out...

Carving Pumpkins

Danny led the pumpkin carving this past week.  (It's a cat -- inspired by Evelyn's shirt that night.)  The best part of the evening was when Micah threw one of our spoons off the porch behind the bushes.  Danny lowered Evelyn head first over the railing, and she fished it out very craftily.  We all cheered!  She's such a little grown-up.  I think most kids would cry or not know what to do, but when she has a task, she takes it very seriously. ; )

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Salem's Haunted Happenings

The last time we went to Salem was in February of 2009, when Evelyn was just three months old.  We looked at a map before leaving and determined that the trip of less than 25 miles wouldn't take us long....  Wrong.  Evelyn cried the whole hour-plus there and my nerves were fried when we arrived.  To make matters worse, we had a plane to catch and had to turn around and leave as soon as we got there.  Danny still jokes about how Salem had a "bewitching" influence on his wife. 

We've been itching to go to back since we got to Massachusetts and finally drove out yesterday.  (Can you tell we had a busy Saturday?)  The city puts on all kinds of Halloween events during the month of October, and Halloween is Danny's favorite holiday.  We found plenty of spook houses and ghost tours, but not too many kid-friendly venues.  I'm embarrassed to post a picture of Evelyn eating a carnival corn dog since it has to be one of the worst foods on the planet, but please note that it's not indicative of her typical diet, and as Danny says, "You only get to eat carnival food once a year."  They had fun playing in the hay-bale maze and checking out the dogs in Halloween costume.

Head of the Charles Regatta

The Head of the Charles Regatta was in Cambridge this weekend.  I think it's the largest rowing race competition in the world and certainly crowded up the city the past couple of days.  We only got to drive by the Charles River today (Sunday) on the way to church to see the expert rowing teams, but Danny strapped the kids in yesterday morning (Saturday) and walked down to see some of the amateur races.  They were bundled up due to the 40-something degree weather, but they're always happy to be outside.

Care Packages

Grandma Burnham sent us a care package in the mail last week, and of course, the best thing in it was the packaging!  Evelyn popped every bubble in the bubble-wrap, and I think the kids would have played in the peanuts for days if I hadn't had enough of the mess sooner.  Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough these past few weeks to send us surprises in the mail.  We're so grateful for all of you!

More Fall Leaves

Danny took the kids to the park last Saturday while I did some much needed cleaning around the house.  They found more Fall leaves to play in.  Cambridge is an old suburb and so has lots of mature trees lining the streets.  It's a beautiful experience to walk under their colorful canopy and listen to them crunch underfoot.  Arizonans are really missing something...

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Happy Couple

We were thrilled to have Danny's sister, Rebecca, and her new fiance, Zach Hipps, visit us a few weeks ago. They are so in love that they needed little entertainment by us... If my sources are correct, they'll be hitched by the end of the year! Congratulations to them. My mother-in-law asked Danny and me to take some photos of them while they were in Boston, so I'm posting a few of my favorites. They are both spectacular people, and we're happy they found each other! The photos were taken at the Public Gardens (Boston Common) and on Beacon Hill.