Tuesday, November 15, 2011

China Beach

We were scoping out a spot for our next family picture and found this beautiful spot at the northern edge of the city.  China Beach is located in a ritzy neighborhood called Seacliff and looks out to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Aren't our kids cute?!

Halloween 2012

Halloween Day was busy this year.  Micah and I accompanied Evelyn in her fairy princess costume to her 3 year well check in the morning with Dr. Ng, then we all watched in the afternoon as she performed in a little dance recital (this time wearing last year's Easter dress as a princess costume - at her insistence), then both kids suited up (back into fairy princess attire) for the ward's trunk-or-treat at the church.  Micah is still telling people he's a tool man.  He's always been crazy about tools around the house and in the garage, but recently we checked out a library book about heavy construction machines, and since then, he's been talking about back-hoes and tampers non-stop.  It was definitely the right choice for this year's costume.  I only wish we'd taken a photo when it wasn't cold and dark outside.

The Ballerina Princess Turns 3!

I think Evelyn had a magical third birthday.  She was showered with gifts from family, friends, neighbors and even our landlady's handyman.  She enjoyed all of her favorite foods (pizza, ice cream and cake).  She had several friends over for a party with more pizza, more ice cream, balloon animals, a pinata, princess crown-making, dancing, and our very own train ride (thanks to the next-door neighbor's recent garage sale).  We're so grateful for everyone who remembered Evelyn on her special day.  She has a beautiful little spirit: happy, polite, friendly, observant, crazy smart, and at least at the moment, largely driven by gum and candy rewards.  We're thankful beyond words to have her in our home and family every day.

Monday, November 14, 2011

One-key Civic

We only got one key to our Civic when we bought it used in 2006.  Since then, we've locked that one sacred key in the car many times (often while it's running).  Each time, we think to ourselves, "gee, we really need another key to this car."  Then we call the dealership where they remind us that our Civic has a computerized key, and the cost of making each new key would be $250.  So, then we say, "gee, that sounds expensive.  I guess we'll just keep making it work with this one key."  .... Until a few weeks ago.  The details are sketchy, but the last thing I remember was Micah playing with my key ring while I was chatting with a neighbor, and poof! - it's gone.  Oh, we looked, and looked, and looked, but then reality set in.  We would have to get another key made.  So we called the dealer again.  Interestingly enough, they require the car to be at the dealership in order to make the key, ergo the tow-truck.  It was an expensive mistake, but probably inevitable given our good ol' one-key Civic.  (P.S.  In case any of you are wondering, yes, we made just one more key.)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final Days of Summer

We enjoyed some beautifully warm and sunny days in September and October.  Micah is still asking for "spinklers" whenever he notices his swimsuit in the drawer, but I think the summer weather is over until next year.

Fashion Bug

I've been trying to give Evelyn some more independence when it comes to choosing her clothes each day.  Usually she begins with a dance leotard and builds her outfit around that.  Here's one of her cutest combos.

Landscape Maintenance

This is what happens when I leave the kids unattended in the backyard for 5 minutes.  I do think it's good for them to play in the dirt.  I just wish they wouldn't do it right after I get them dressed and ready in the morning...

Oakland Temple

This is our home temple for the time being and it seems to be quite a popular place.  There are usually young ladies in extravagant Quinceanera dresses having their photos taken by the pools and foreign tourists on the roof terrace taking photos of the beautiful view overlooking the Bay and neighboring San Francisco.  We have been trying to take the kids there once each month to "touch the temple" and they seem to enjoy it.  We do spend a good deal of time trying to keep Micah from jumping into the streams, but on this trip, Evelyn was monkeying around on one of the footbridges and actually fell in.  She was pretty upset - and wet.


We're very serious people as you can see here.  The kids came up with these on their own.  Seriously.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beginning Dance Class

Evelyn has been a dancer since before she could crawl.  I can't remember a time when she didn't move her body around when the music started to play.  Since neither Lynzie nor I consider ourselves talented dancers, and with uncle Nathaniel living in Arizona, we decided to sign Evelyn up for a tap and ballet class.  Let's just say she LOVES her dance class.  Her dance teacher, Rosana, is wonderful with the kids and Evelyn gives her a big hug when she sees her.  She has recently started wearing her dance leotard underneath her shirt and pants every day (making potty-time pretty difficult).  She is constantly asking for us to turn on the music so she can show off her moves. 

Can we go to school?

Every day, Evelyn and Micah seem disappointed when I have to leave to "go to school."  They were both very excited when we they were able to strap on their backpacks and join me on a trip to school in the morning. 

Cute kids at home

Every day brings new adventures with Evelyn and Micah.  They are both full of energy, eager for new experiences, and hard to keep up with (P.S. - Don't worry, Evelyn made a safe landing on the couch).  She has chosen this combination of socks multiple times now.