Sunday, March 20, 2011

Science Museum

Boston has a lot of great museums, and the science museum is often mentioned as one of the best.  We got some free tickets from the library and spent the last morning of my Spring Break exploring the exhibits.  Most of it was meant for older kids, but Evelyn and Micah loved the live snakes, full-size T-rex replica, the re-entry spacecraft, and the huge Archimedean Excogitation (a sculpture/pinball machine with pool table balls).  It was a beautiful day outside, though, and for as incredible as the science museum was, Evelyn and Micah enjoyed our visit to the big park in Cambridge that afternoon even better.  We got to take our coats and shoes off for the first time this year and play in the warm-ish sand.


Revere Beach

The stars aligned this past Thursday as my Spring Break and an unseasonably warm day converged.  We took an impromptu trip to the beach and the kids were delighted.  The beach was covered with huge live mussels buried in the sand, which Micah and Evelyn dug up enthusiastically (Micah also tried to sample the seafood).  Of course the water was very cold, but that didn't keep us from getting wet and covered with sand. 

Parker's Maple Farm - New Hampshire

We drove up to New Hampshire on a beautiful March morning to experience what it is like to make Maple Syrup.  Evelyn and Micah mostly enjoyed stomping around in the mud.  It was fun to see where our maple syrup comes from (I'm not sure the process passes Lynzie's standards for cleanliness).  They don't call it a sugar shack for nothing.  The process hasn't changed much over the years, as they still use small metal spigots and buckets hung from maple trees to collect the sap.  It takes at least 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup!  The best part of the trip was the fact that Micah and Evelyn slept all the way to the farm and then all the way back. 

Happy Birthday, Lynzie!

If I were a better husband, Lynzie's birthday pictures would include a cruise ship, flowers, and a spa treatment.  Alas, I did make the chocolate cheesecake (with the large crack in the center) from scratch. 

Sunday Best

We couldn't help but snap some photos a few Sundays ago before we headed off for church. 

Daily Life - Winter Survival

We had a some tough weeks in January and February as the weather in Boston stayed well below freezing, I was super busy at school, and Lynzie dealt with an unexpected illness.  We were blessed with lots of prayers from family, and Lynzie's mom who came out for a couple of weeks to help us through it.  We received a steady stream of packages in the mail, including snow suits, valentines cards, seed planting kits, and other treats and toys from family.  Our ward members here in Cambridge also provided some meals and babysitting service.  You wouldn't know how tired/exhausted we all were by looking at the pictures of Evelyn and Micah.  They always seem to be ready for fun.   


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome back to Boston

We hadn't been back home in Cambridge very long before we had our first big snowstorm.  Evelyn and Micah loved the snow and I enjoyed a day at home (instead of at school).  I think we got about 18 inches before the storm had finished, including about 5 hours without any power.  It was quite an introduction to January in New England.

Arizona Fun

Our 3 week Christmas vacation in Arizona flew by way too fast.  Lynzie and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves with so many willing babysitters nearby, and we had countless options for having fun with the kids.  We went bowling with the Greers, Evelyn enjoyed her fairy luncheon with Grandma Debbie, we visited with Heather Hatch at the park, and enjoyed the animals at the Burnham ranch. The weather was gorgeous, and we couldn't have asked for a better vacation. 

Rebecca & Zachary Hipps

Our Christmas holiday in Arizona included a special occassion as my sister Rebecca was married in the Mesa Temple to Zach Hipps.  My family worked all week (okay, my mom spent several months) to get everything ready for the big day.  The wedding was beautiful, the reception was beautiful, and of course, Rebecca was beautiful alongside her man.  We are excited for them both.  Congratulations!