Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beginning Dance Class

Evelyn has been a dancer since before she could crawl.  I can't remember a time when she didn't move her body around when the music started to play.  Since neither Lynzie nor I consider ourselves talented dancers, and with uncle Nathaniel living in Arizona, we decided to sign Evelyn up for a tap and ballet class.  Let's just say she LOVES her dance class.  Her dance teacher, Rosana, is wonderful with the kids and Evelyn gives her a big hug when she sees her.  She has recently started wearing her dance leotard underneath her shirt and pants every day (making potty-time pretty difficult).  She is constantly asking for us to turn on the music so she can show off her moves. 

Can we go to school?

Every day, Evelyn and Micah seem disappointed when I have to leave to "go to school."  They were both very excited when we they were able to strap on their backpacks and join me on a trip to school in the morning. 

Cute kids at home

Every day brings new adventures with Evelyn and Micah.  They are both full of energy, eager for new experiences, and hard to keep up with (P.S. - Don't worry, Evelyn made a safe landing on the couch).  She has chosen this combination of socks multiple times now. 

Visit from Grandpa Chris

We all were very happy when business brought my dad to San Francisco for a few days in August.  We had fun seeing some of the sights in the city, eating really spicy Mexican food in the Mission, and sampling famous Bi-Rite ice cream at Dolores Park.  Nothing, however, beats a good old fashioned story on Grandpa's lap.