Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 4th Evelyn!

We celebrated Evelyn's 4th birthday in October, and instead of saying I can't believe how fast the time has gone, I'll say how beautifully the time has gone by.  Evelyn is a super-star in our house and everywhere she goes.  She has a sparkling personality and loves, loves, loves people.  We are beyond lucky that she came into our family.

She received a number of gifts that have been hits.  Doll clothes and accessories, princess dress-ups, new clothes and jewelry, games, and one of the most memorable - a raccoon puppet.  Since a camping trip a few months ago when a pack of raccoons stole our marshmallows, she's been talking about the apparently very scary experience.  "Racky" as he's been dubbed, is helping her to face her fears.  One of the most fun things has been watching Micah interact with the puppet.  If you make Racky "talk", he talks right to the puppet just like it's real.  As for the birthday cake, we decided to let Evelyn decorate it this year using all the sparkles and sprinkles she liked.  Yum!


Swedish Waffle Night 2012

As I look at these photos, I'm most grateful for all of our new friends here in SF who lovingly drew their circle a little wider to let us in.  I love Swedish Waffle Night for the opportunity to celebrate the Swedes in my ancestry, to give all those who know us a chance to see what life at the Allen house is like, and hopefully to bring our friends a little closer.  I couldn't have pulled it off without my sweet parents who flew in to help, our church's missionaries who manned the waffle machines this year, and Paul Ferraris who let us borrow his SUV to pick up all the tables.  Thanks to all who came and helped make it a rockin' party!  I'd be willing to bet that we set the record for the number of people at one time on this property.

Flat Stanley

 Golden Gate Bridge

 California Academy of Sciences

 De Young Museum of Fine Art

 Golden Gate Park

 Hagiwara Tea Gardens

 Alcatraz Island

 Alcatraz & Ferry

 Ghirardelli Square

 Fisherman's Wharf

 Lombard Street

 SF Architecture


 Union Square

 Cable Car

Getting on...

Our cousin Kate's school class sent us "Flat Stanley" to tour the beautiful city of San Francisco.  The kids and I took a half day to drive around and were amazed at all we fit into Stanley's speed tour.

Easter in October

Just about every Sunday since April, I've been trying to convince Evelyn to wear to church this darling little Easter dress her Grandma Debbie sent in the mail.  One Sunday morning in October, she surprised me by picking it all on her own.  Well, I wasn't sure when or if it would ever be chosen again, so I snapped a photo.    I'm grateful Evelyn has a mind of her own (see body language above for further proof), and a much belated thanks to Grandma Debbie!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tarantula Trek

Danny took us on a Tarantula Trek in Mount Diablo State Park (East Bay inland a bit) during what was supposed to be peak tarantula sighting season.  I was a little fuzzy on the details, like why we were going in search of spiders, but Danny had a Monday off school and was determined to put it to use.  We kept a careful eye on the ground during our hike, but only spotted a giant pine cone, a big stick and some candy corn leftover from a previous hiker's snack.  Danny gave us a great devotional while we perched on a cliff, and the kids had a ball rock climbing and just romping in the dirt.