Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Golden Gate Park

While we have a few other parks closer to home, I can't resist a trip to the children's playground at Golden Gate Park whenever I have the chance.  The giant cement slide and huge climbing spiderweb are hard to beat. 

Family Home Evening - Title of Liberty

Our lesson about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty led to one of our more memorable Family Home Evenings.  Evelyn and Micah were excited to parade their flags around the house. 

Christmas Fun in Arizona

We spent 17 wonderful days in Arizona celebrating the Christmas season with family.  The days were filled with family traditions and lots of fun.  From the Temple Lights to Baking Day with Grandma Debbie to Quad-riding in the Desert with the Greers to the nativity on Christmas Eve, the season was a magical one for our little family.  We were able to visit with Evelyn's birthmother Heather and her growing family, and Lynzie and I even got away for a few days up north to the White Mountains to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

Allen Family Pictures

Church Video - Lynzie's Epic Weekend

Lynzie stayed up until after midnight several nights in a row during the first week of December trying to prepare her thoughts for a short interview with a video team from the church that was in San Francisco for the week working on a project for the Relief Society.  After crying through her entire taped interview, Lynzie was confident that she would not be hearing back from the team.  Imagine her surprise when the video team called back the next day to ask Lynzie if they could follow her around for a few days.  Needless to say, the weekend was a memorable one.

Birthday Boy

It is hard to believe our little man is already 2 years old.  While he has a reputation for mischief and mayhem, he is still the cutest little guy around.  We opted not to go for a birthday party, but instead Micah got two big gifts, including a wagon and a set of tools (he is obsessed with tools and refers to himself as "tool man").  We love our birthday boy! 

Thanksgiving in Colorado

We joined the rest of the Greer clan in Colorado to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  Lynzie's brother McKade and his wife Amber recently bought a house outside of Denver, and we thought it was finally time to go for a visit.  We spent the first few days of the trip in the snow in Winter Park in the Rockies, and then drove back down to Denver to see McKade's house before flying back home to San Francisco.  Of course it wouldn't be a Greer holiday without at least one family picture, which is one of my favorite pasttimes.  There simply is nothing better than trying to get babies and toddlers to sit still and smile.  The highlight of the trip as usual was lots of time to play with cousins.  Evelyn adores her Votaw cousins and just followed the pack from backyard to playroom and back again.  While Evelyn and the Votaw girls were busy with nonstop fun, Micah and Mason spent their time in an epic struggle for control of the toy robot we brought.  Grandpa Mat bought an extra robot to try to appease the dueling boy cousins, but in the end Micah and Mason mutually decided that the yellow robot was the one they wanted for themselves - thus the struggle continued.  While there wasn't quite enough snow for skiing, there was enough powder in the backyard for daily sledding and outdoor fun.    In true Greer style we had double the amount of food we could eat, including a delicious Thanksgiving meal.  We ended the week with a tour of Greer Ranch (as McKade lovingly calls his 4 acre lot) before hopping on a plane heading home.