Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bay Area Discovery Museum

I bought some tickets on Travelzoo about 4 months ago for the Bay Area Discovery Museum across the Golden Gate bridge in Sausalito.  I think Lynzie thought the tickets would expire before I used them - and they almost did.  Luckily I had a beautiful Saturday afternoon to drive the munchkins for a day of fun at the museum.  While the kids' most requested activity of the day was still "snacks," there were plenty of other fun things to do.

Evelyn's First Dance Recital

Evelyn topped off her year of dance lessons with her first dance recital on stage.  Grandma and Grandpa Greer flew up from Arizona for the special occasion, and we all enjoyed watching the dance program titled "Dancing Toys."  Of course we aren't biased, but we thought Evelyn's sock monkey costume was among the cutest in the show.  From getting ready at home, to riding the train downtown, to celebrating afterwards at Pancho Villa tacqueria, we made a night of the experience.  Mostly we enjoyed watching our beautiful Evelyn having a fun moment in the spotlight.  

California Academy of the Sciences

We shamelessly take advantage of having Grandma & Grandpa Greer in town by heading to the next adventurous spot we haven't yet had a chance to experience (or had the energy to attempt on our own).  Armed with Mat & Terri as our reinforcements, we headed to the California Academy of Arts & Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  The Academy is known for its giant indoor rainforest exhibit and its underwater "flooded Amazon" aquarium.  Micah and Evelyn loved seeing all of the animals, but I think our favorites were the giant orb spiders - hopefully we don't come across any in the near future.  Micah and Evelyn keep asking when we can go back to see the animals at the museum.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Ward Fathers & Sons Camping Trip

Danny was anxious to take Micah on his first Fathers and Sons Outing, and I heard that our ward's campfire consistently resembles "Lord of the Flies".  I asked Danny before they left to simply to make sure my little boy didn't get burned, drowned or lost.  They had a ball doing all the "man-stuff" guys do together and came home smoky and stinky but safe.

My Helpers

If the job's messy, these two are on it!  We made some homemade cinnamon rolls the other day and I had more help than I could have hoped for.

Happy Easter!


Dyed eggs, dyed hands, egg hunts with the missionaries, General Conference, watching the "Jesus" Easter bible video on about 50 times, a little candy and new Sunday clothes.  We had a great Easter!