Thursday, August 29, 2013


I think the quads at Grandpa Mat's house are a large part of the reason our Prusse cousins come to visit.  We love them and love riding.  Win-win!

Christmas Day

Maybe this post should have been labeled, "The Carnage Continues:  Round 2 with the Allens".  I love going to Grandma Burnham's house.  She has a tradition of making us all a blanket and knitted slippers every year as part of her gifts.  She really is amazing.  Can you imagine making that many slippers - to say nothing of the blankets?  Micah and Luke got swords and shields from Grandma Debbie and they were a hit.  Micah was immediately poked in the eye, but luckily they were rubber.  Luke really took on the warrior persona.  Grandma Burnham made Evelyn a little hand-made Angelina Ballerina mouse with accessories.  We temporarily lost Angelina, but found her sleeping in the birdhouse next to Evelyn.

Christmas Morning

Every year, we come home from AZ with huge garbage bags full of beautiful gifts, and I think, "Our kids are getting too much for Christmas."  But - that said - they are so fun to watch on Christmas morning.  The first picture is of Micah who came in and laid down in front of the gifts and literally just stared at them in absolute wonder.  This was the Christmas of a kid-size kitchen set, a balance bike, an electric guitar, a cat (Evelyn asked for a real one, but this was all Santa could manage), remote control car, fluffy robe, doll, sleeping bag, and so, so much more from grandparents and cousins.  Take a look...  Note:  the mini-Vespa would have been fun, but wasn't ours.

Christmas Eve Nativity Program

The tradition of a Christmas Eve Nativity reenactment lives on!  For as long as I can remember, this has been the main event of our family's Christmas Eve and a fantastic reminder of the real reason for the season.  The biggest decision each year is who gets to be "Mary".  The Votaws were sweet enough to let Ev take the coveted part this year.  The show also features some very cute angels, shepherds, wise men, a donkey and lots of singing.



Family Pics 2012

The stars aligned.  My sweet friend Terese Plant and favorite family photographer (Teaplant Photography), moved from Boston to Provo.  We were in Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving, and she agreed to come up to take some pictures.  Love them!