Friday, November 29, 2013


Danny and Micah were rough housing (specifically Danny was pulling him around the house in a cardboard box sleigh) when the fun went awry and Micah's head bonked sharply into the corner of my bedroom furniture.  Let me just say here that sometimes it scares me just how tough this kid is.  When he gets scrapes that do involve blood, he just jumps up and brushes it off with an "I'm okay!".  I've started telling him that it's okay to feel sad when you get hurt.  Neither Danny or I have taught him to "be a man" when he's in pain, so I'm nervously anticipating high school football in his future.

The night he broke his head open on the furniture, he cried for a minute and then happily watched a movie while I called the emergency number for our health provider.  I took him down to the local ER where they stapled him up.  I turned his favorite little show "Go Diego Go" on during the procedure and the kid didn't even cry.  Gotta love the unique little personalities God sends down.

BYU Women's Conference

Danny and I joke about having an occasional "moment of luxury" in the midst of our busy and demanding lives.  It usually involves sitting down alone and in a quiet place for 5 minutes while eating something really special.  It doesn't happen all that often for us, and it makes the moment - luxurious!

Danny gifted me with a very big moment of luxury by taking care of the kids for three days while I went to the BYU Women's Conference this year with my mom and sisters.  It was AWESOME!!!  Great classes, great restaurants and really great time just chatting with the amazing women in my family.  Then, add to that the opportunity to visit with Grandma Ardy and spend time with a pregnant Kelly, and you get some really good laughs.  Thanks to mom for making it an all-expense-paid vacation from my cares, and to Danny for taking the kids on one of the toughest weekends possible.  He coordinated the stake fathers & sons campout, the freshman picnic for his high school, hosted his little sister who came to town, and had his first classes for his doctoral program.  The photo of the kids was taken by Danny at Costco buying food for all of these events.  He truly sacrificed for my moment of luxury - thank you, sweetheart!



I think the kids giggled and blew bubbles for almost an hour (record time for their attention spans) during this trip to the beach.

Ward Activity: Muscle Rock Beach Clean-up

I think the ward should have arranged for a dirtier beach to clean up, because we were getting out the magnifying glasses to find any trash here.  We were happy to spend some time chatting with our fellow ward members, though.  The highlights for the kids were: the local fisherman who let them hold his catch, following the "big kids" in the ward around, and the McDonald's ice cream Dad bought on the way home.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Joy School Hike

Our Joy School group took a hiking field trip south of the city.

Just Cute

At the park with my beautiful kids and our friends.  I don't know what the sharp thing is that Evelyn is holding, but I'm sure I asked her not to put it in her mouth.

Summer Reading Program & Shows

SF Public Libraries has an incredible summer reading program where they schedule performers at a library branch somewhere in the city just about every day of the week during summer months.  We should have counted the number of shows we attended, but it was a lot.  We saw several magicians, a clown, a bubble lady, a juggler, a rope-trick cowgirl, a lizard/reptile show, kids yoga, the Alphabet Rockers, several other children's musicians, puppet shows, and the pictures below are from a marionette show.  You wouldn't believe how much fun we had!

Trip to Japan

The kids took a trip to Japan (at the Science Museum).  They danced the native dance and practiced their Japanese calligraphy skills, all with some very cute headbands.  The gal in the orange vest, Miss Jane, is our fav.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hey Good Lookin'

Whatcha' got cookin'?  What a darling little person!  She's very proud of her ability to make scrambled eggs "ALL BY MY(her)SELF!", and is quick to grab her apron whenever I start cooking.