Sunday, December 8, 2013

Master Fort Builders

These two are perfecting their fort-building skills - and working on it at least daily.  They use every pillow in the house and blanket from the closet to create their secret world.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get them to put the house back together when they're done.


You know, sometimes you feel the love of the Lord through very small and seemingly insignificant blessings.  Before moving to San Francisco, we prayed and prayed that God would prepare a place for us here.  The house he secured for us has been perfect in so many ways, right down to the hydrangea bush in the backyard.  I don't know when it was planted, but is my favorite flower and grows very well in our little backyard pretty much on its own.  I LOVE it, and think it's just one little reminder from my Heavenly Father that I should trust that he's carefully watching out for us.

Rinconada Pool, Palo Alto

This pool is well worth the 40 minute drive down to Palo Alto for my kids, and we took advantage of it several times this summer.  They love the huge wading pool with slide, sprinklers and mostly the fact that there are always lots of other kids.  Evelyn had so much fun and stayed in the water so long that she rubbed the underside of her toes raw.

Toca Hair & Tailor

These are some of the kids favorite games on my phone.  I try to keep screen time in general to a minimum, so the chance to play an educational or artistic game on my phone is quite a treat to them.  Here are a few of their creations.  In case you're in the market, some other favorites are Toca Kitchen, Endless ABC, and Bugs & Bubbles.

CAT Graduation 2013

Danny graduated another class at City Arts & Tech High School, and with that, wrapped up his second year as their principal.  Yahoo!!!  He survived another year!  I'm so proud of all of the great work he's done.  His school's culture has improved immensely and he seems to have the support and confidence of his hard-working teaching staff.  Additionally, the school recently posted the highest academic performance growth of any high school in the city of San Francisco (a very big deal).  Keep it up, sweetheart!

Face Paint

I picked up a face paint kit thinking the kids would enjoy it, and they have.  Evelyn consistently wants to look like a princess of some kind and Micah a superhero.  I'm not much of an artist, but having such cute faces to paint on helps a lot.  They also took turns painting me and did an awesome job!

Joy School Graduation: Year 1

The preschool curriculum we have been using includes an annual graduation ceremony.  The best part?  Tossing the hat!

Water Play

Who needs a water park when you have sprinklers and a green blow-up turtle pool?

Proud Board - Take 1

I feel like there is a constant flood of arts and crafts coming in the door every day around here.  Every time the kids go to the science museum, church, or preschool, they come home with a new and incredible little masterpiece.  I've designated one wall in the kitchen as my "Proud Board" where I get to hang all of these beauties, and have decided to take pictures of my wall instead of keeping every scrap of paper.  It fills up every few weeks, so more posts like this to come...  Note:  You can generally tell the artist by his or her style.  Micah is still in the very abstract, modern art phase.  Evelyn is working on stick figures and loves fingers and hair.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Camping at Sonoma Coast State Park

The kids are crazy about camping, and this trip at the end of May was our first outing for the summer.  We drove north through some of the most picturesque rolling hills of farmland I've ever seen.  Cattle, horses, grapes and other crops were growing there, and some even had ocean views.  I decided that the cows here might possibly be the happiest on the planet, and that I'd feel good about eating any beef that had enjoyed a life like this.

We camped right at the beach in the Sonoma Coast State Park.  It was gorgeous, and the waves were so large and loud that it made me a little nervous hearing them so close in the dark.  We brought our suits, but found very quickly that all beaches in this area are closed to swimmers.  Powerful rip currents and sudden sleeper waves have carried off many a dog owner trying to rescue their pet (the dogs usually survive).  We roasted marshmallows, drank hot cocoa and ate bacon, hiked, climbed, and saw lots of beautiful cliffs and coastline.