Thursday, March 27, 2014

Proud Board Update

Be sure to check out the girl portraits on pink paper below by Ev.


Micah started with a soccer team and loves Coach Shawn.  It's a great workout and helps to run some of the energy out of him.  We know Micah's a tough dude, but he's also proving to be an athletic little guy who seems to be in-it-to-win-it.  I can't imagine where he got that competitive gene.

Coit Tower... Finally

This is a landmark in SF that has taken us a while to get around to visiting.  Can you tell we squeezed it in after a long day of work for Danny?  It's a nice view of the city and fun for the kids to climb all of the stairs.

The Big Big Sur Getaway

I have a really awesome girlfriend here in SF who offered to take the kids for a couple of days while Danny and I did a quick getaway.  We NEVER get this opportunity, and when we do it feels like we must be doing something illegal because we're so free.  Really - for me, having just one morning to sit in a hotel bed and read a magazine is the ultimate luxury.  We drove south to see Hearst Castle and the Big Sur Coast.  It was all beautiful, including the gorgeous McWay Falls and lunch at the chic Nepenthe restaurant.  Thanks to Danny who planned it all so perfectly!

Trip to Japan

Our trips around the world at the science museum never get old.  This one was to Japan.  The kids come home telling me "thank you" and trying to count to ten in Japanese.  Here they're learning a Japanese dance and play-fighting the beetle bugs they created.

2013 Family Pictures

Every year I try my best to finagle an inexpensive but nice family picture.  Here in SF, that's about as easy as finding a $100 bill on the street.  This year, my friend and photographer, Josie Fish, was in town from Colorado and took these lovelies for us.  Thanks, Josie!  I decided to have them at the park right by our house, and I'm pretty sure it was the most fun family picture shoot ever.