Sunday, April 6, 2014

Evelyn's Trampoline Birthday

We kicked off a month-long celebration of Evelyn's 5th birthday with a party at an indoor trampoline park.  She was tickled to have so many friends show up to celebrate with her.  It was jumping, bouncing, crazy, kid-exhausting fun.

Students Win

Danny's City Arts and Tech High School students requested he grow a beard if they met their academic performance goals on the state tests.  Great job, CAT!  The only problem for Danny is that his wife isn't interested in any kisses with that prickly thing on his face.  Lucky for all of us it only lasted a couple of weeks.

Backyard Camping

The best kind of camping for me is when Danny and the kids set up the tent in the backyard, we roast marshmallows over the kitchen gas stovetop, and I sleep in my nice warm bed in the house.  No packing, no prep, no long drive, no sleeping on the ground or sitting in campfire smoke, no washing every single item that went on the camping trip.  I love real camping, I love real camping, I love real ....  I really do, but I really, really love backyard camping.

Zen Gardens

The kids got to put together their own zen gardens at the science museum.  What I was most amazed by was that after they got home, they went out in the backyard and very quietly, calmly, and harmoniously played with them for a long time.  Maybe there's something to the Japanese idea of soothing yourself by combing sand.

Pirates at Preschool

I did a pirate-themed preschool morning where we created these costumes and had fun putting on an abbreviated version of the play "Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate".  Ev under the blanket is the sea monster.  Then we did some science experiments with candy.  My kids still beg me every few days for more experiments with candy.

Super Dad

Danny's folding laundry and simultaneously dancing with the kids.  Best. Husband. Ever.  If you could see the front of him, you'd see that he's actually wearing his Super Man t-shirt and it fits perfectly!

Made with Love

I'm not crafty.  Sometimes when I see the darling things other people do with their homes, clothes, blogs, etc., I wish I was.  But my creative outlet is in the kitchen, and I don't let it bother me that crafts aren't my thing.  I got it in my head though, that I wanted my kids to have some little treasure to remember how much their mom loves them while my husband and I were away on our little weekend getaway, and I created these little stuffed felt critters.  Of course I copied the idea 100% from some pinterest or etsy page or something, but again, I'm okay with that.  They clip them on their shirt or pants or backpack or just stick it in their pocket.  I've been genuinely pleased that they like them and still tote them around occasionally when the idea comes to them.  They also know that they are a reminder of just how much mom loves them.  In case my craftiness is just too much for you, they are supposed to be a raccoon and a squirrel.